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Who wants outfit pictures?!

usamimi, jeans jacket, lady gaga tshirt, baggy jeans shorts, black leggings, foxtail, sneakers.

saturday - day
pink cap, blue jacket, baggy jeans shorts, bow leggings, sneakers, smal black bag, foxtail.

saturday- evening

Blue jacket, black ruffled skirt, bow leggings, black over knee socks, beige 13 cm wedges, small black bag and foxtail.

I been around in the city today with Kevin.
First we were just planning to buy some asian ingridiens for me at an asia-livs, but ended up with a spring jacket and a shirt at h&m, then we went to the movies to see Le Me In - the american version of the swedish 'Låt den rätta komma in'.

At the asian livs i found my favorite japanese drink, im so happy, nostalgic!
I think im gonna fill up my whole room in japan with dakara and such~hehehe.
I bough several bottles, some curry stuff, udon, etc..

Postat av: BewareOfThe3WOOSHOOOOO

Är den blåa jackan från hm ellllleerrrrrrr????

Postat av: Världens bästa Nina

Haha. Har en likadan jacka. Den är awesome! :)

2011-04-17 @ 23:51:03
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