Hello peepz!

Soo the clothes arrived today!
Sadly im still working, but i went home during my lunch to check it out!

I looove them aaaall!
Some things are confusing thou, like i didnt get my panda tshirt, and i didnt get my leggings, but a got a bag, a mens Jacket and the cutest shorts ever!!!
So im a bit sad about the pandatshirt, the leggings is like.. whatever, the shorts are much more cuter.
And the Jacket? Hmmm.. what am i supposed to do with that?

Okay okay, so since a got a few more items than i ordered and some are missing im gonna go back home later to count everything to make sure i didnt pay to much or whatever.

Internet shopping is always a bit fishy, and its from China (lol dont judge me, no offence to china).

Please wait for my real review! :)

Trying on the shortws and the shoes


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