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Hi guys!

Today has been a busy day with work, gym and right now im cleaning out my closets, i went from using three to 1½ for clothes i dont wear right now/party and event-clothes and 1 for daily use.

On top of that i got a new package from China today!
Wholesale-dress again~! im really happy this time also, love the clothes!
I ordered a pair of shoes, a pink and blue baseball jacket, a panda shirt, vivienne westwood neclace and cute socks!
really shocking the delivery was faster than a week :O i expected them here on thursday!!
SRSLY GUYS check the site out! ------->>>>
They get new stuff everyday and they're not limited for girls, they have lots of hot clothes for guys, really stylish <3
The price is best thou. its fakkiiin priceless!!!!

Imma get back to my clothes now.... kill me.. please... i cant fit them all ;@@

Postat av: Världens bästa Nina

Nah, jag gillar inte den sidan. Hälften av grejerna är andra än de jag beställde, och de skickade ju andra istället för att maila och fråga om jag ville vänta eller vad jag ville istället eller whatever. Min kille fick också helt andra grejer. Fail...

Kul att det funkade för dig dock. :P

2011-08-28 @ 17:11:19
URL: http://snottra.blogg.se/

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