[super nova]


Im so suuupa tired everyday!
Cant wait for the weekend <3
but will i get some rest? No x)
Going to my bf again!
Marie will come and visit on saturday and we're going partying :DDD

Last night my mother gave me a facial treatment with her new supaaascary machine!
It felt really nice and i got really relaxed.
It takes away dirt and nastyshit from under your skin and also reduces hard lines and wrikles.
Now i feel fresh~~!
She also used it on some nasty scars i have, i think they got a bit better, but i need more treatment :)

Today im gonna do new nails, i feel quite excited!
i have lots of inspiration and its been quite awhile since ive had that.

When i move to japan i swear to god, i wont do my own nails one single time ;@
even if i have to starve cause its expensive, i dont care ;@


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