its time for the usual weekend picturespam!
im gonna start of with some egopix that my bf took for me, we were on our way to pick up Marie from the station :)

talk shit get hit! fear the panda!!!!!

Marie enjoying her korean dish ?? stop looking so pissed!

camwhoring after a night of drinking and dancing.. we look good?

ofc bf was there to look stupid with me <3

i wore my sexy yet beautiful black dress from wholesale-dress along with a bigass complicated cross neckles from the same store :)
Shoes are wildflower by kenza ( my alltime fav party heals, high as fuck but never hurts my feet!!)
Chanel bag, random rings and bracelets.


our guys!

funniest thing that night.
bitchy, halffat gayguy with glasses yelled off a woman trying to get money from us, after that he told us we were an odd looking group of people, told marie he would marry her for her boobs and told me i had some good things going on too.
He also said "hi G.I Joe" to one of the nightclub guards. LOL wtf?!

Also this random little man (not little people little, but he was short) came up to me in the line at mcdonalds (midnight foood <3) and started to talk spanish to me.
I was to tired to even .. start the conversation, mostly since i have no interest and just wanted him to fuck off (wish the gayguy was there :<) so i just said
"this is my bf" and pointed at kevin
the spanish speaking creep just looked at kevin and said
"ive been training thai martial arts" looking kinda badass, but tiny
kevin just answered
"oh really? im in training now :D where did you train?"
HAHAHAHAHA omg the pwn?!
he didnt scare kevin at all xD

lol, random funny weekend.
thanks guys! <3


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