Sorry once again dear dear readers!

Ive been very busy with work the last few days and ive had nooo energy to write at all!
Most people have their summer vacation now, but im gonna be working until i move to Japan, soo..
Im the only one at the office now, heheee~ I have pretty much work to do.

im gonna go to my bf this weekend, friday will be calm.. Maybe a movie night.
Saturday will be PAARTY night!
And my outfit for the party will be KOGAL!
Im not finnished with the outfit yet, but i tried a few things today.

The top is like.. SOOO short x)
I have to wear something over it, im gonna try a smaller cardigan thou :)

I bought a new camera!
Mostly for my trip to Japan, but also for selcawhoring!

Its really ugly (im gonna get it pimped later, i have the black version :S)
But it has so many cool features!
Many cool programs, its smart AND it HD and 3D in it!
Most of the programs work in both photo and video mode, supafly!

I love it so much <3

Postat av: miss wave♪

OMG your legs look soooo tiny! X3

My thighs are so shapely even though the bottom half of my legs are really skinny XD

And that looks like a nice camera! I really need a more professional one for covering lives and such but haven't gotten it yet. :/

2011-07-16 @ 11:54:20
URL: http://unwaveringly.blogspot.com/

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