So a few days ago i shopped alot with my mother, and while waiting for my clothes to deliver i wanted to share with you what i ordered~!
This is an order from a chinese website called Wholesale-dress
They have SOOO much awesome clothes for inslanely CHEAP prices!
This is the site that let me buy all this for around $40~45.

Totoro panda??

Cute !

Pretty necklace

These awesome black leggings

PRETTY long dress, ive acutally seen this one on a swedish website for $40, but i bought it now for $8.65

Pretty nightgown and rob!

Sneakers, 5cm thick. AWESOMENESS

Black partydress


I ordered three more items, but seems like it went out of stock :(
But i got a credit there, so i guess i have to do some more shopping xD

Im gonna see if Madeleine wants to order something, and maybe Kevin..
Split shippment charge <3

Well anyway, im SOLD at this site and never wanna shop somewhere else again!
They have slow cheap shipping, and fast not-so-expensive shipping!
You can choose yourself!

We took fast shipping and I expect my clothes to be here soon! <3

Postat av: Världens bästa Nina

You've obviously gotta do a post when the items arrives as well, so we know if they're good or not. :)

2011-07-31 @ 22:54:51
URL: http://snottra.blogg.se/

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