Wow, this weekend <3

First as you know I went to my bf, and we've been celebrating our 6 months together!
I gave him a suprise, earpiercings! He's been nagging about it for months but because of his training he hasnt been able to do it. But a few weeks ago he hurt his back so he cant train very hard atm, perfect!

Sadly (?) he totally won the suprise your love-competition!
He gave me (us) a spa weekend!
Two nights at ST Jörgen Park Resort!
This was my first time at a spa and it was totally awesome.

I bought a new jewelery for my belly :D

Bf  by the outdoor pool

Amazing breakfast!

Drinks from the Bula bar

Me outside the spa hotel :)

My hottie eating cold ice-cream ;D

BBQ with bf and his friends.

Its been one of the best weekends in a long time, im so happy <3

Postat av: Anonym


2011-06-07 @ 12:51:26

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