PSP Games

I got a request about PSP games.

Um well, haha i dont have many games really.

I play Final Fantasy Dissidia, like. ALOT!
Its fun, takes time, addictive and beautiful!

I also have Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, which i havent played alot cause it think its a bit slow compared to FF which i love, heeh.

Tekken! Tekken is always a nice game to play, some fighting and such ^^

I downloaded (i have a chipped psp) My little sister cant be this cute, which is a visual novel, but for some reason i cant install it on my psp :( it doesnt work FML!

I guess most games for psp is fightinggames ;/
I really wanna play more visual novel games, but its hard to find :S

I should download some more to play, but ive been to lazy!
Do you guys have any tips to share, and if so, where to download them?


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