So i went with Sandra and Alex to Saitama super arena two days ago to attend the v-rock festival!

This will be a superfangirly post, so if u dont like that, dont read.

I woke up superearly in the morning to get ready ( i wanted to be pretty for vistlip ne~ hehe)
Then me and Alex took the train all the way to Saitama, took us like 1h20min or something.

face and hair.

I had my PS I LOVE YOU - panda tshirt (just cause. well.. you know my fav dude in vistlip loves pandas, just like me!)
Cardigan-thingy from visalia, lace shorts from china, stockings with hearts from random sockstore, furrhat from random store.

We met up with Sandra and went to the arena~

We stood in line for maybe one hour? it went really fast!!
got in, checked the stages, went to see seremedy live and then decided to eat something.
Sandra and I was just looking at the foodsigns when we saw 3 guys with masks and sunglasses walk right pass us ( like srsly halv a meter away!) when we saw their hairstyles we knew - IT WAS SCREW! right next to us, eating freaking kebab!? SO UNREAAAAL! we didnt want to disturb them so we just fangirled in silence and watched them walk away.

after we ate we did some shopping, i bought vistlip sindra single (cause i wanted them to sign it) and their new towelmerch - beautiful chainsaw.

We also got interviewed for a TVshow!!! :O i think its FUJI, but not sure yet. Im waiting for Vrockfest to update with info ^^
I sure hope vistlip watches that cause i totally expressed my love for them like a true creepy fangirl!

after that we went to one of the bigger stages and saw Gackt, that was siiiiiiick! :O
He's so hot, its mad.

On the other side Girugamesh started to play~

Satoshi is so hot, i didnt know what to do lol, just died. xD

Next up was Hero at one of the smaller stages. Good thing about Japan is that noone is pushing against eachother during lives, so it was super easy for us to go to the very front of the stage xD
Hero was cool, but sooo embarassing cause the singer made the audience to all kinds of wierd shit, we even went down on our knees and like, bowed to them xD and turned around the other way and did it again. wow!
Totally S&M moment.

sadist. -.-

Born came on after that and they were amaaazing! awesome to stand in the first row and get eyecontact with the members and rock out to their show.

theen came 少女-ロリヰタ-23区
which ive never even heard of, their music was kinda good, and the singer was super handsome, keke.

da-da-da-daaaam~ SCREW!
They were so hot, only played really good songs, made eyecontact and rocked out like crazy!

sexy sexy man, how was the kebab? ;)

when did he get so buffed? i like it thou *O*

we took a break after this, toilet, drinking n stuff ;) then rushed away to watch D=OUT!
Kouki was so cute, he sang the song a bit wrong and got sooo shy about it, lol cutness overload.

it was so hot in there thou, no fresh air at all. made us wonder how the hell d=out was able to play in their outfits :|

after that.. VISTLIP !
They played many older songs like Dead Cherry, Princess dizzy, fivebarkinganimals, hameln aaaaaand my favorite; LION HEART! ;O
Best live all day according to me ofc (a) hahaha, i was soo happy! vistlip looked so happy! it was puure love ;)

Happy girl, after vistlips show, body in pain, sweaty but SO HAPPY.
I was superexcited cause i thought i was gonna meet them now, but turns out...
You had to buy a special ticket to get signs, aaand they sold out.
The information about the tickets were nowhere. NO INFO WTF.
So i just stood next to the small fence they put up and watched those lucky fuckers meeting vistlip. shaking hands, talking to them and get signs :'< FUCK LIIIIFE
But Rui and Tomo waved to me and Tohya tried to cheer me up with funny faces ( yeah i cried of dissapointment ;/ ) then he waved to me again later on. Think he liked my panda tshirt! :(

I stood here, right next to Rui ( who is totally rocking his new bleached hair. Totally ikemen, no matter what. )
Then i had to move cause the stupid guard wouldnt let us stand there, WTF, de didnt bother anyone. didnt say anything to the band or whatver, so that was stupid. went to the other side to stand next by Tohya whiiiich was better ofc ^^

After this we ate again, aaand watched SUG.
Took a small break from all the noise and went back later to watch MUCC close the festival.
That gig was reaaaally nice, and everyone was in such good mood ^^

Im really happy with the festival and i would do it again ANYDAY.
Love love love!

Wasnt allowed to take photos inside and there was guards everywhere, so in respect of the bands and my own protection (didnt want to get kicked out :S) i didnt take any photos.
I took all these photos from THIS site.

Postat av: Hopy

OOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGG!!!!!! \Ô_____________Ô/ So SUPER envious RIGHT THAAAR!!!!! >________< AAARHHH!! I'm dying........... And you saw Satoshi!!!! starts crying whywhywhywhywhywhy am I so FUCKIN poor... harakiri

But WTF!!! Feel sorry about the special sign tickets D: That's SOO UNFAIR!!! I mean.. it's just like.. Soooo close, but then soo far away >_<; feel your pain girl...

And you looked super gorgeous!!! ^^/ ♥ Woop

miss you ;A:

2011-10-25 @ 08:19:52
URL: http://hassai-chan.blogspot.com
Postat av: Världens bästa Nina

Rui is unbelievably hot. Dör lite grann.

2011-10-26 @ 21:31:25
URL: http://snottra.blogg.se/
Postat av: Yuri

Ahh that is soo cool :D You are so lucky you got to go to the V-Rock festival ;__; That sucks you couldn't take pictures. Sometimes that can be a real bummer.

I feel so bad that you didn't get to meet them and that you knew nothing about the special ticket. I hate it when they don't advertise it right >:| But at least they waved at yo and tried to cheer you up, that must have been cool :]

2011-11-06 @ 20:48:34
URL: http://xiirosary.blogspot.com

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