During my winter break i went on a trip to Kyoto! :)
It vas a fantastic little trip and im so happy i went!
Kyoto is sooo beautiful and there's so many things to see there.
Also stayed at a really nice hotel. Felt like a princess :D
Bought two secondhand silk kimonos ^^
Hotel lobby
Hotel room
Hotel bar 
Pretty girls

view over Kyoto
So effing cold in japan right now.
Enjoying a cup of hot tea :)
Went to Nara too! :)
They have wild deer there, and you can buy special cookies to feed them with :)
But those spoilt bastards just kept biting me to get more :(
Biggest Buddah in Japan :)
My kimonos :) both of them are autumnthemed, so i cant really wear them..
But im a gajin right? just play stupid and get away with it. im not japanese anyway and therefore not worthy!
Silver temple
Silver temple, beautiful garden and Kyoto in the background
Beautiful golden temple
Cutest little sakura train :)

got looooots of more pictures, but to lazy to post them, lol sry


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