today i went to harajuku to get some springshopping done! :)
im really tired of all my black dark super cool, super awesome, lovely winter clothes...
anyway, im not done yet, i just wanted to .. start!

me, in the middle of shopping!
ofc i had a man to carry all my bags.

i just fell in love with this wonderful leopard top!
its seethrough, short at the front and longer at the back. SO PRETTY

Floral dress and a beige trench coat.

Oversized nitted top and chiffon skirt with white shorts under!
naked and dressed at the same time! :D

bought some pandastuff aswell.
And found a nice cosmeticstore filled with korean beautyproducts.
Since the staff and the owner were so nice i decided to buy some products, and i will go back for more as soon as i can!
I bought the Egg Pore series by Tony Moly and its FANTASTIC!
Its not just cute its really really good! ^^
The ladies gave me lots of free facemasks aswell and told me to come back every once in a while.
I wanna go back again tomorrow and spend more money xD

Postat av: morsan

Super duper fina käder, allt klär en skönhet eller hur! Pussar och kramar.

2012-03-03 @ 19:39:54
Postat av: Hoshi

Åh du är så fiiiin! ^^

2012-03-08 @ 19:44:25
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