[Suicide Circus]

Whats up guys?
Been some time since i last wrote here, im sorry!
Nothing much happends really, i just go to school and study, in the afternoons i study, go to gym and sleep lol.

I got a new part time job! its only like.. once a month, lol but it pays really good, and i just want some extra cash, so..
Im teaching english for some guys at a company, so im hired by the company itself.
Its pretty fun!

This upcoming weekend i was planning to go to Tokyo and do some springshopping, but..
It started to snow today!
Maybe ill wait, i dont know..
I have to go and bleach my roots too, gonna go to my awesome hairdresser dude again :D

Im gonna work from 11:00-15:00 on saturday
and after that im gonna rush to Tokyo to see THE GAZETTE live with Sandra!
I really have to hurry cause they start to let people in at 16:00 lol

AAAAGAGDBKJABL i cant believe im gonna see them live!
At their 10 years Anniversary! MAD SICK BRO!


Ive had a nice weekend at home, just resting, doing stuff i like to do.
I went shopping with my family, did some camwhoring, surfed the web, listened to music, watched anime.
And i made a new header for my blog.
I dont like it, but i dont have any ideas, i want something new..
Ill keep this until i find the energy to make a real one.

yesterdays outfit

and face!
korilakkuma wanted some attention aswell.

I didnt buy much thou, just some candles, two ps2 games and.. thats all!


Im having a jrock night all by myself!
listening to old songs which moved my heart.
mostly songs by gazette, girugamesh and deluhi

my absolute favorite gazette song of all times.
no song in the world makes me feel so hoplessly sad, alone and heartbroken.
its so strong and powerfull yet beautiful and tragic.
no subbed lyrics needed, really.
im listening with my new bassheadphones at max volyme,closing my eyes.

translated lyrics for people who dont feel the song
read here


one more cf, just cause im so nice ;)

anyone thirsty?
i know i am!

im such a ladypervert!

Its skin~

Whenever im down, or have a lot on my mind that's kind of annoying i relax my mind with small funny videos of the people i adore, like 2pm.
taecyon and nickhun always make me smile (plus they got mad hot bodies which i enjoy when i miss my bf's keke) lol.
so i accidently watched these cf's again and laughed so hard, i totally forgot about these!
Enjoy~ they are subbed!


[i remember]

I cant stop listening to thi song!
its been playing on my laptop, my iphone and in my head (lol) the last few days.
its amazing!

why isnt yoseobie in the video?

[Fly so high]

I love that like.. 4 minutes are the only HOT korean girl group. i dont like Gna.. BUT I FREAKING LOVE BEAST DANCING TO FAR EAST MOVEMENT <3

And Fly so high is, cuuute


[Bad girl??????]

Worst case of plagiarizing EVER!
Its so obvious i can even sing along to B2ST's Bad girl!


took some pictures today, havent been camwhoring much lately :'(

srsly, this song is soo good! its sick!


Two months left until i can call this my home.



[Before the dawn]

So once again i find myself up in the middle of the night listening to Areia remixes.

Ive been spending some time with Madde and Martin today,
Really nice as always, they taught me to play Uno lol!
I really suck at card games :(

Im tireeed now, gonna watch one or who episodes of Bleach then sleep :3


I woke up next to my lovely boyfriend this morning and decided to look at youtube on my iphone.
I wrote "vistlip sindra" and was pretty sure that the pv wasnt uploaded yet.
Im so in love
Its so good! ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!


waiting for sindra.

Ive been waiting all day long for the pv to be released.
nothing, nothing, NOTHING ;(
They said that the SINDRA single would be out today, but the day is like already over in Japan :S
Wtf is that?!

Im listening to the preview over and over to keep patient, lol
not working!

Beast japanese videos

Im a B2UTY, but im a really crappy one!
I had no idea Beast made JPversions of their songs and musicvideos!
Today i saw Beastofficial upload BAD GIRL JP VERSION @ youtube and later i found SHOCK.
How could i miss this?!

Hm anyway, im glad they are doing it in japanese,
Its easier for me to go see them in Japan than in Korea :D




Why did they autotune the shit out their voices? :S


New music from Gazette,



Im listening to the previews of vistlips new single release!
OOOOOMG, old vistlip is baaaack <3
Totally fangirling! lol

Someone was nice enough to put all of the previews in one clip at youtube.
I have to say i think SINDRA is the best, but not sure yet!
July VIIth remake is .. ah hard to listen to! Because the original song was made for them as a band, celebrating that vistlip came together July VII 2007.
And now, after the accident that scarred them all for lite, they made a remake of it.
Totally heartbreaking!

Its hard to wait for the 1st of june :S


Beast new album download

So Beast new album will officially be released the 20th of May.

But, i found a download link, kekeke.
After listening to the unplugged version of Lightless i decided to try download it,
You can do the same here
Please buy the album when its out!

Melting when listening to Yoseobs hipiched voice, aaaaaaah~

To much Beast today, sry!





This video is soo sad!
But i love love love it!
I love Beast!
Im glad that mr.nagging poppingdragon junhyung has the spotlight this time ;D
And Dongwoon looks more mature and sexy, finally!
They havent changed much overall since beautiful, but thats fine cause this suits them.
Yep yep, thumbs up!

Total fancrushmeltown on Yoseob and Doojoon, lol.


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