i was pretty sure that i blogged about the YG concert? No?
I think i did it from my phone, but it seems like the entrys are gone, wtf??

Im super confused :S 

Last weekend i went to the YG concert in Saitama Super Arena (same place as the Vrock fest) 
I saw Seven, 2NE1, Bigbang, Gummy and PSY live, it was suuuper cool!
They even hade some "old" YG guys there.

damn in sure i updated about this? had this photo in my bloggphoto map :S

This is how i looked :)
and this is me with all my YG stuff, hehe

yokohama ranger!

Met a ranger a few months ago, super fireman, super handsome!


During my winter break i went on a trip to Kyoto! :)
It vas a fantastic little trip and im so happy i went!
Kyoto is sooo beautiful and there's so many things to see there.
Also stayed at a really nice hotel. Felt like a princess :D
Bought two secondhand silk kimonos ^^
Hotel lobby
Hotel room
Hotel bar 
Pretty girls

view over Kyoto
So effing cold in japan right now.
Enjoying a cup of hot tea :)
Went to Nara too! :)
They have wild deer there, and you can buy special cookies to feed them with :)
But those spoilt bastards just kept biting me to get more :(
Biggest Buddah in Japan :)
My kimonos :) both of them are autumnthemed, so i cant really wear them..
But im a gajin right? just play stupid and get away with it. im not japanese anyway and therefore not worthy!
Silver temple
Silver temple, beautiful garden and Kyoto in the background
Beautiful golden temple
Cutest little sakura train :)

got looooots of more pictures, but to lazy to post them, lol sry

Christmas Newyears Birthday

Thiiiis will be a pretty photoheavy post.

Christmas in japan??
Hm well me, Alex and Craig decided to have our own christmasparty at Craigs place :)
My outfit, hehehe cute huh?
Our tree! we got lots of presents for just 3people, hehe.

Boys decorating our gingerbreadhouse :)

I made my first ham ever! ....and i burned it! :(

Buuuut did well with the other swedish food, hehehehe ;)
Boys enjoying the food :)

Santa time!

I am #foreverprincess
Tomohiro and Yuki came too, thats an

i got a panda tissuethingy! ;D

For new years we went to Joypolis in Tokyo, brought my camera, but forgot to take photos :(
Beautiful view:)

We went to have our new yeard dinner at our favorite restaurant!
The food, service and everything is amazing there, luv!
We were going to see the fireworks in Sakuragicho, but decided to stay at the restaurant.
To our surprise, the staff came out with expensive champange to all the guest and a band from Hawaii played some songs. It was so nice and even thou we werent with our families we were happy together and enjoyed the night!
Alex had his birthday too!
We were planning to just go to the bar and get shitwasted cause all the clubs were closed, but Tomo said that Atom was open in Shibuya, so we went there with some new friends! :D

Happy bday to Alex!

At the hub in Shibuya

Bruno is the only one who'll think my pose is funny :(
private jokes arent funny without you :(

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