BB Cream review!

Hi guys!
Im sorry but I will NOT upload any pictures without make up, nonono.

Im gonna give you a full review of my new bb-cream.
Its from the brand Skin79 which is Korean.
This bb-cream comes from a series called Diamond Collection The Prestige Beblesh Balm!
Its a pump bottle in beautiful pearly pink!

Dont know what a BB cream is?
Well basicly its a moisturizer with some coverage and colour.
Its mostly used in asia and made for asian skin.

Ive always envied asian skin, and maybe this is the secret?
This product offers you wrinkle care, whitening, uv protection SPF25 PA++

The wonderful thing with this product is that it covers and blends into your natural face colour!
Its only made in one shade and since its asian i guess its for fair to light brown.
I have dark circles around my eyes and some redness around my nose, which this cream covers up better than my usual foundation.

When I first used the cream I thought it was very oily and a bit uneven to my face-colour.
But as the minutes went by it adapted to my face!
The colour wrnt even and it soaked in.
It gives you smooth matte skin without making it dry or oily.

If you have alot to cover in your face, this is not the product for you.
It offers light to medium cover.

Wish I could buy the whole series :(


Postat av: Nani

Why won't you show a 'naked' photo? : / I wanna see what it looks like with coverage and finish compared to the natural face.. -sob-

Oh well! Thanks for the review : D I love the packaging! It's so cute!

2011-04-12 @ 20:43:18

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