[Cleaning out my closet, yo yo]

Hehe, Eminen <3

Anyways i AM cleaning out my closet!
I admit having some problems with shopping, which result in three closets filled with clothes in a big fucking mess.
I admit finding clothes i forgot i bought, but its like bying them again - free! :D

Just a lil bit of the mess.

Imagine the flood of nostalgia when i dug this tshirt out!
My old dropdead tshirt! lol, i really loved this back in the days!

Me back in the days with shitloads of piercings, my little pony tshirt, favorite jeans and fucking ugly sneakers!
Lol my bleached hair with leopardprints in it!

Okay okay.
Nostalgia gone - back to the closets.

Postat av: Den maskerade rosen

Haha, oj!

Men du var ganska snygg som emobrud också!

2011-06-13 @ 14:07:03
URL: http://INWEALORWOE.blogspot.com

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