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Im kinda sick and tired of the western gyaru thing now.
First i was glad that people was into the same kind of stuff as me, but there's to much hate and competiting, backstabbing, and talk behind backs.
This has really made me lost most of my inspiration for the gyarufashion.
And it sucks, cause now i feel like ive lost my style, i feel ugly and lost :S
Gyaru was more fun when it was free, i loved dressing like my idols and take cute pictures and above all FEEL pretty.
Now even after hours of effort behind hair and makeup im so fucking worried about the hate comments. The words like "you''re fat, not gal, ugly, who do you think u are, im so much better than you" and so on.
Even the galcir im in is like that in some ways.
And we cant even hang out because i live to far away from sthlm and 99% of all the meetups gets planned less than a week in advance.

Its so sad, really.

I know im not a pro gal, but pro gal only excists in the west :S
I wish we were more like the japanese gals.

Im seriously thinking about giving gyaru up.

Postat av: Imke Bongers

Please don't quit. You are so lovely and 'a really good gal'. All the hating is really stupid, because according to their 'standards' nobody can be a good gal. Don't let others bring you down. As you said yourself being gal made you feel good and most of all pretty.

Love, Imke

2011-06-07 @ 22:46:21
Postat av: Johanna

Nej gör inte det :( Srsly, du passar asbra som gyaru!

2011-06-07 @ 22:51:24
Postat av: Sophy


I discovered your blog a while ago and I really like it, your style is really cute and it's the more important, who want to be a true gyaru anyway? All that matter is to feel good about yourself and have fun when doing your hear, make up and shooping! :)

I'm dressing in gyaru style but I don't have any blog, so you can stop your blog (wich is sad for readers :') But just keep going if you feel like it! ;)

Good Luck!!!

A reader from Europe ^^

2011-06-07 @ 23:39:10
Postat av: miss wave♪

Whaaaaaaat? If anyone said anything about you that's bullshit because you're such a friendly and cute gal. D:

But to be fair I can't blame you for wanting to quit because sometimes I never really want to start. I feel much too embarrassed or afraid to post too many pictures of myself because, for me, I'm afraid people will say I'm ugly or something. :X

2011-06-08 @ 13:42:50
Postat av: Anonym

A word from mum. You are unique, you have made your own style, with a mix and match of styles you like. Remember that some people will never give you credit for anything no matter what. They´ll write hurtful words about everything. It´s just letters put into words with purpose to hurt, so they can feel better.Keep doing what makes you feel good, hope everyone that reads your blog does the same.

You all bring sunshine and joy to the rest of this world.

Love you :o)

2011-06-08 @ 22:38:44
Postat av: Michelle

I feel the same as you do ! When my gyaru style was finally starting to improve I completly lost it my inspi! All people around always said those things you mentioned, well never to me but by reading all those hate comments on g_s for ex just made me feel like..fuck (western) gyaru!

2011-06-13 @ 01:18:40
Postat av: Världens bästa Nina

Ärligt talat är jag inte vidare insatt alls i den världen, men det lilla jag vet så verkar det vara som du säger, vilket är äckligt synd. Vad är grejen med att hata allt och alla för att de försöker? Vem utnämnde haters till kungar? Som synthvärlden ffs...

2011-06-18 @ 00:32:15

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