[Party like a white gurl]

Im sorry!
Ive been at Maries place all weekend and didnt bring my PC so I couldnt blogg.
Also I forgot my digital camera :S

Here's a super long entry insted!

(Ive tried to upload this entry three times now and the picturesharing thingy is not really working, so Im pissed and dont really wanna write much)

Can you find Marie? ;)

We went to have a "date" at our favorite place, gave eachother gifts and watched a movie.
Cute dress? ^^

Saturday was partyday!

My pretty gurl!

We shared a 40oz

"Its hard to be a wigga"

I didnt take more pictures :(
But we had a great time with Johan, Ronja, Danni and some other people! ^^


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