The GazettE & SCREW

Ohmy, had a totally J-rock weekend with Sandra!

at saturday i went to Gazettes 10th anniversary concert :D
We got a pretty nice spot in the middle of the crowd on Aois side.
The concert was AMAZING!
They played lots of old songs (i wish they played more new ones too :/) and they were sooo pretty!
i think all in all the live was about 3 hours? got dead tired and my whole body hurted sooo much!
After the concert we went out and got shitloads of flyers from smaller bands, met the singer from ROYZ again!
met him the first time i went to Japan and saw Acid black cherry live, that was a really nice surprise! :D
Roys are getting pretty big thou so i dont really understand why he stood out there with his flyers lol.
this is after the concert so i look.... like ive been to a concert! lol

at the end of gazettes live they fired off konfetti (?) it was really touching and super pretty!

Sandra told me that SCREW was gonna have a meet and greet event at Tower Records in Shinjuku on sunday.
We thought that we probably wouldnt be able to get tickets but decided to go anyway :)
So we got there, asked the staff and they said that all we had to do was to buy their new cd and so get a ticket for the event! SO WE DID!
Im never gonna spend almost 4000yen on a cd again, mad fucking expensive!
Buuut.. worth it!
Along with the ticket came a little paper that the band wanted us to write questions on..
I wrote "whats your favorite 'position' ;)" on mine lol. just for laughs, but i know that Byou is a dirty mofo so.. hehe
So we got inline and waited for the band to arrive aaand i started to film Byou :D
Sadly cameras were DAME DESU so angry staff lady almost attacked me and hit my camera :( SUPER MEAN!
it didnt say anywhere that you werent allowed to take pictures :(

so i didnt get footage of any of the other members :(

they started off by answaring questions :D
Byou picked my question but said "Muzukashi, Muzukashi! (difficult, difficult!)" LOL! xD
Someone needs an english teacher....
The guys were supercute! super genki and just so CUTE!
Rui was staring alot at me and Sandra, lol! it was nice to get some eyecontact with all of them from short disstance :)
when they were done answaring the questions they wanted to sign our CDs and shake hands :DDDD
So i first got to Jin who told me that he was expecting to see me at their next live (which is impossible cause its at my bday and sold out!!!)
After that it was Ruis turn, he sure talked alot! lol!
he asked if my japanese was okay and i said sure! we talked a little and he said that my japanese was good :D hehe
after Rui it was Manabu! so cuuute!
He asked where i was from and told me that my snake necklace from Style by Tyra was cool, haha.
Kazukis turn! MYGOD HE'S SO HOT!
I got super nervous and couldnt find his picture in the book, haha. he helped me cause my hands started to shake like crazy! he asked me if i was okay and all i could say was "im scared cause youre so hot!" hahahaha! LOL LAME! so he laughed and said i was cute (^o^) 
after my man i went to Byou (who just finnished talking to Sandra) and all he said was "SUEEDEN?!" superloud! hahaha. i didnt get a chance to really say anything xD he took my hand after finnishing signing and threw me away xD lol!
Kazuki and Byou signing for the last girls, Rui and Jin getting ready to leave ^^
I want Byous sweater! so cosy!

Kazukis sign... omg <3

I dont know what kind of handlotion/perfume the guys was wearing, but they all had the same and it smells SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! both me and Sandra stood sniffing our hands for superlong after the event, hahaha!

Postat av: alexandra

Super fin blogg! Följa varandra på bloglovin?

(Ber om ursäkt ifall du inte gillar sånna här kommentarer!)

2012-03-12 @ 14:06:21
Postat av: Hopy

OMGOMGOMG!! fangasm Everything sounds so awesome!!! Waaah so lucky girl!! Not jelly at all!! >o< fffuu

Couldn't help super fangirling when I read your post lol!! Nice you got some pictures and a small video even thought crazy lady attacked you! That's the fangirl spirit loL!! X'D I'm glad you're having a good time!!

2012-03-14 @ 15:44:54

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