[july VIIth]

Studying hohoho

halloween 2011

picturespam from halloween :)
Day one we went from bar to bar in yokohama :)
i was dressed up as a maid, but decided to change to nami from one piece for the second day when we went to AGEHA ^^


Landmark Tower

Aaah, like a week ago (uuuh 2 weeks ago :$) i went to Sakuragicho with a girlfriend from my class ^^
We went to do some shopping and decided to look at the view from the Landmark Tower, currently the highest building in Japan!

Yokohama is sooo beautiful~<3

it takes less than 60sek to get to the top floor! superscary!

Catch :)


Meeting people :)

Im a lazy blogger, but the internetconnection here is pissing me off!
Just writing an entry takes forever :'(

I met Kiyo and Shohei in Shinjuku!
We had a really good time together, eating dinner, drinking and talking ^^

we took some purikura together, hehe and Kiyo gave me Panda tea as a welcome to japan present! <3

I also met up with Hopy and Fredrik in Tokyo :D

and took a photo with these 2 cute girls at a purikura-place ^^

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