Its my birthday in two days
And Im not really happy about it.
I dont wanna get older.

I was applying for anothersecret the other day, and was about to write my age
"19" I started, then I realized I was 19 almost two years ago :(


Another Secret-post!

I have my obsessions.
I am not vain, well yeah.. I am kinda vain.
Its just that beauty and what I find beautiful attracts me.
It drives me crazy, Im totally obsessed.
It doesnt matter in what form the beauty is..
I love the sight of beautiful skinny girls eating fastfood, I love to gourgeous men together (cause that makes the hottness double!), I love the way dark eyes and dark hair work together, I love men with bitten fingernails..
yeah I think you get the point.
Things like that makes me almost like.. fall in love!
I have idols, animefigures, random people I adore, just for something really wicked that stands out.

I love Seto Koji för his facial birthmarks.

2 hotties = more hotness
(imaginary couple I have a few more Im shipping, hehe)

Just, pure art and well made characters.


This will be my first secret post, exciting huh?!

But since its the first post lets start with something easy.

"I got scared of the dark when I read the book IT by Stephen King.
I was 15 and this had never been a problem for me before.
15... To old to get scared?
Its fine now thou, but I dont like dark places.
Who does, anyway?"

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