i dont really have any inspiration to update with anything fun.
But from tomorrow and to next monay i will probably do lots of fun stuff, so keep updated!

Beast japanese videos

Im a B2UTY, but im a really crappy one!
I had no idea Beast made JPversions of their songs and musicvideos!
Today i saw Beastofficial upload BAD GIRL JP VERSION @ youtube and later i found SHOCK.
How could i miss this?!

Hm anyway, im glad they are doing it in japanese,
Its easier for me to go see them in Japan than in Korea :D




Why did they autotune the shit out their voices? :S

[Back to you]

Today I went to do a small kosmetical surgery.
I removed two birthmarks, it went really well!
It was my first time doing something like this, and for the first time in my life i have stiches! :)

As you can se they sat in a bad place on my body and im glad they're gone!

So what am i doing now?

Bleaching my teeth! Lol!
More kosmetical stuff!
I bought a nice kit online and now im bleaching, bleaching, bleaching..
It's working really good! I saw results after the first use! :D

Tomorrow im gonna go to Kevin again,
But first a day of work and one of the best girls at the office has her last day :(
Thats saaad!


New music from Gazette,


CSN approved!

I got a letter in the mail from CSN who gave me the news that im approved for studieloans or whatever it called!
That was the final thing i was waiting for!

Now im gonna start planning the big move and look for plain tickets.
Its only four months left!


I just woke up, eating some candy (lol yes!) and thinking about going to the gym today.

I went to Madeleine and Martin's place last night, it was a last minute idea and i could only spend three hours there before i had to take the last bus home.
But it was really niiice, i always realize how much i miss Madeleine when im away from her.
Love that gurl!


went on a quick shoppingspree today with my family, just to have something to do.

Face today, kinda simple make up.

I bought this mintgreen college/football jersey and a Juicy Couture case to my phone.

Tävling om 40 par skor! OMG!!!!

La nyss in ett bidrag till en tävling där man kan vinna 40 par skor!
Vill du också vara med och tävla?
Gör det här!

Jag sitter redan och fantiserar om vilka skor jag ska köpa.
ÅÅH <3
Bästa tävlingen någonsin!


Im listening to the previews of vistlips new single release!
OOOOOMG, old vistlip is baaaack <3
Totally fangirling! lol

Someone was nice enough to put all of the previews in one clip at youtube.
I have to say i think SINDRA is the best, but not sure yet!
July VIIth remake is .. ah hard to listen to! Because the original song was made for them as a band, celebrating that vistlip came together July VII 2007.
And now, after the accident that scarred them all for lite, they made a remake of it.
Totally heartbreaking!

Its hard to wait for the 1st of june :S


Beast new album download

So Beast new album will officially be released the 20th of May.

But, i found a download link, kekeke.
After listening to the unplugged version of Lightless i decided to try download it,
You can do the same here
Please buy the album when its out!

Melting when listening to Yoseobs hipiched voice, aaaaaaah~

To much Beast today, sry!



I’m the writer who lost his purpose
The end of this novel, how am I supposed to write it
(My own Fiction)
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I keep writing these 3 words
Setting the warn out pen on the old paper strained in tears
This story can’t be happy or sad

The lyrics, aaaaah~

This new realese remind me about VISTLIPs new single, only two weeks left!




This video is soo sad!
But i love love love it!
I love Beast!
Im glad that mr.nagging poppingdragon junhyung has the spotlight this time ;D
And Dongwoon looks more mature and sexy, finally!
They havent changed much overall since beautiful, but thats fine cause this suits them.
Yep yep, thumbs up!

Total fancrushmeltown on Yoseob and Doojoon, lol.



So im back home again after a wonderful weekend with my bf.
We've just spend good time with eachother, not doing much.

Today I bought a book about Japanese Slang,
hehe could be good to know this stuff!

I got loads of AHA's when I started to read this book, a lot of stuff I know made more sense.

daisuki dayo.


[classic opera]

im so supaaa tired!
My brother had a internship? at my workplace today.
Hes only 12, hehe.

Went home to prepare for the PROM tomorrow
Yeah i guess i didnt tell you about that. lol
My bf is having his prom and he choose me as date, yay!

sneakpreview of the dress.. hehe i dont wanna show you until tomorrow
full outfit and all!

Im gonna update when i can
Probably not tomorrow..

Ugh, im kinda nervous, gonna meet kevins schoolfriends for the first time,
at the freaking prom! natural enviroment huh?!
Wish me luck!


New fresh music from 2NE1,
Im a bit dissapointed that its a "slow" song, but its really beautiful!

[Please come back you bad person]

Im having a severe crush on Kahi

[Yume ~Mugen no Kanata~]

Gyaru meetup @ Liseberg!

So saturday morning I woke up pretty early,
did my hair and makeup and went with Kevin to meet up Michelle!
We had dinner at Pizza hut, but we choosed to eat sallad xD

Hehe i made a quick purikura of me and Michelle x)

After that we met up with all the people outside Liseberg!
I think we were around 10 people or something, a nice bunch for the first time :)
We decided to eat ice-cream and introduce ourselves at Ben and Jerrys, hehe.

After that we took a walk around the theme park, talked and just enjoyed the time together!
A few went to some attractions and the rest of us relaxes in the park.

I forgot to take pictures, i got a few but..  I stole some from Jummi and Michelle and some are from me :)

After the meetup me, michelle, kevin and max went bowling!
It was really funny and a nice way to spend the night ^3^

I was happy cause I won the first game, hehehe~

quick update


The meetup was awesome!
Im just gonna do a quick update, let you know Im alive and THANK everyone for this great weekend!

Im gonna write more about the meetup later,

Michelle & Me
Stole the picture from Jummi


I made this nails for this weekend :)
I just hope they will last x)

I thiiink I have my outfit ready too, im not really sure.




Im having a hard time to decide what to wear at this weekend meetup in Gothenburg!
Me and Miu will throw a small event at Liseberg to meet up with beautiful gyarus and gyaru-o's!

Maybe I should go Ganguro, lol, found this picutre when looking for outfitpicutes xD
I think i pulled it off pretty good thou!

Nah, Ill be cute and sweet~
I think I know what to wear,

But nails


Vistlip Earthquake Message

Finally a video from them.
Sad that its about the earthquake..
But still its vistlip <3

I also found this, about their new oneman tour.
Feels damn good to hear them laugh again.

[Party like a white gurl]

Im sorry!
Ive been at Maries place all weekend and didnt bring my PC so I couldnt blogg.
Also I forgot my digital camera :S

Here's a super long entry insted!

(Ive tried to upload this entry three times now and the picturesharing thingy is not really working, so Im pissed and dont really wanna write much)

Can you find Marie? ;)

We went to have a "date" at our favorite place, gave eachother gifts and watched a movie.
Cute dress? ^^

Saturday was partyday!

My pretty gurl!

We shared a 40oz

"Its hard to be a wigga"

I didnt take more pictures :(
But we had a great time with Johan, Ronja, Danni and some other people! ^^



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