Just felt that i really wanted to cosplay a lil bit and take som purikura.

I wanna choose a cute uniform, change in a cute lockerroom, do my hair infront of a huuuge mirror with free-use-tools, pick a nice purikura machine and gooooo~!



Im sick! :<
Not that bad thou, just a cold, and its freaking annoying!

I have to get better before the weekend!
Im gonna stay at Maries place, party, eat good food, laugh and have fun~

Old picure
Marie is fine with a glass of wine, i took the bottle.

[black tail]

Black polcadot blouse
black tight skirt
black leggings
black wedges
black studded leather jacket

To much black?
Something bright for tomorrow!


Today I got my iphone case that I ordered a few weeks ago.
Haha 3 days after I bought my Marc Jacobs case!
Oh well, good thing I have something to choose from!

[Koi no bakansu]

I thought the songname went well with this entry ;)
Koi no bakansu - love vacation

As you know, Kevin and I went on a weekendtrip to Copenhagen!
The weather was really nice all the time, we ate outside in the sun, took long walks, went shopping and really enjoyed our stay at our darn fine hotel!
Im gonna upload a few pictures we took~

I did some serious shopping, and really enjoyed my time with Kevin.
Since I dont have any vacation this summer, this was a kind of compensation..
So I alowed myself to go nuts at some expensive stores and I even bought a HUUUUUUGE
suitcase for my move to Japan.
Im really happy I got the chance to do this with my love.
Im so happy and thankful!

[Oh dear Wallet, Oh dear bankaccount!]

I love you so much


Made new deconails~

Kevin is here now, we've had dinner with my family and my mother even hid easter eggs for me and kevin, hehe filled with candy! <3

Tomorrow we're gonna get up, kinda early and get ready for our trip to Copenhagen!


Seriously, im so happy i can fit into the 164 size from childrensdepartment!
I love my blue jacket!
Today it went well with my bleached jeans, and brown mocka boots.

Also labu the cute frame from my puriprogram, <3


I freaking love you, PARK BOM <3

What will i do in japan?

Hana gave me a good question;
-What will You study in Japan?

Ive never told you?
Hm.. I guess im to excited about the trip to remember what im gonna do there, kekeke~

Im gonna study at Asia International Language Center in Yokohama! <3

There I will study ONLY Japanese, as a fulltime student!

Im gonna live at a nice guesthouse (thankgoood I will have my own bathroom!)
Im gonna have a single room with bed, table, a small fridge and toilet shower/bath.
A girl need to be able to take her sweat of al your fat-baths!

Also I will be looking for some kind of parttime job, because I want to earn my own money!

Yokohama is only one half hour away from Tokyo and since the stores are open to like 10~11 in the night I will be able to go to Shibuya, Akihabara and Harajuku after school, kekeke~!

Before going to Yokohama I would really like to Visit my "oniichan" (older brother) Yuto in Osaka,
I hope I will have time for that, I really miss him :(

Yuto & Me at Umeda floating Garden in Osaka, september 2010.

And I will ofc update ALOT
Have contests with japanese stuff for all you gyarus back home.
And send funny presents to all my loved ones back in Sweden.

[Dont Cry]

Im suuuper excited for this upcoming weekend!
Its easter and I have two extra days off from work (and those two will be my only "vacation" before I move this fall) so me and boyfriend decided to go on a trip!

First we were looking at last minute trips and cheap flights south in europe, but finally decided to go to Denmark - Kopenhagen for 3 days and 2 nights!
Cheaper and more shopping that is, hehehe.
We're gonna stay at a really nice hotel with gym, pool, jacuzzi, sauna aso..
And our hotelroom has a kitchen and livingroom apart from our bedroom <3
Im so super excited and cant wait to go and get some romance with Kevin.
One of the best things with him is that he loves adventures as much as I do(okay, more)!


I took this picture in Tokyo last fall,
Its only five months left now!
Every time i think about it i get butterflyes in my belly and my heart beats faster.
This is what i need to live!
I feel like im standing still here, My inspiration and my mood is on standy.

But todaaaay
Inspiration went HIGH!
Me and my mother decided to style our scarecrow!
I put on my old hairextensions (how many scarecrows has real hair?), a pink skirt and my mother brought a hat and a shirt.

We're probably gonna change into something better later on,

Wonder what our neighbours will think..

[Desert Rose]

Ive had an awesome weekend with my love.

(picture from my bday party, after 1½ bottle wine I got pretty tired and fell alseep in Kevins lap. Madeleine took this picture.)

[Lost reason]

Who wants outfit pictures?!

usamimi, jeans jacket, lady gaga tshirt, baggy jeans shorts, black leggings, foxtail, sneakers.

saturday - day
pink cap, blue jacket, baggy jeans shorts, bow leggings, sneakers, smal black bag, foxtail.

saturday- evening

Blue jacket, black ruffled skirt, bow leggings, black over knee socks, beige 13 cm wedges, small black bag and foxtail.

I been around in the city today with Kevin.
First we were just planning to buy some asian ingridiens for me at an asia-livs, but ended up with a spring jacket and a shirt at h&m, then we went to the movies to see Le Me In - the american version of the swedish 'Låt den rätta komma in'.

At the asian livs i found my favorite japanese drink, im so happy, nostalgic!
I think im gonna fill up my whole room in japan with dakara and such~hehehe.
I bough several bottles, some curry stuff, udon, etc..

[One way]

Im on my way to my bf, but have to make a stop to change train, aaand next train is late :(
So boring!
I downloaded one drama episode last night (i always stream) but finnished it already, buh!

Not sure what we will do this weekend, take it chill i hope!
Ive been working like crazy this weekend and need to rest my brain xD

Giving you a rather old, uncute picture of me~!
This look didnt last long, but it was fun!

Like my new style waaaaaaaaay much more!

[That Man Opposed]

Phoneconversation with Kevin;

Bexi: Can we eat sushi at Glenns this weekend? (our fav place)
Kevin: Ofc! But.. Cant we try some, non-cultural food this weekend?
Bexi: Like.. Swedish 'husmanskost'?
Kevin: Nah, like.. Greek?
Bexi: .. What? Isnt that cultural food?
Kevin: Atleast its in europe!

So my Asian bf got tired of my love for asian food, kekeke~

[Love Song]



just wanted to share one of my favorite picrures of one of my favorite anime characters.
Anyone who knows who this is? ;)

School news

School starts 111004.
Work ends 110931.

How the hell will I manage to move my life in sweden to japan in one weekend?
Ohwell, Ill make it somehow.

Cant wait.

BB Cream review!

Hi guys!
Im sorry but I will NOT upload any pictures without make up, nonono.

Im gonna give you a full review of my new bb-cream.
Its from the brand Skin79 which is Korean.
This bb-cream comes from a series called Diamond Collection The Prestige Beblesh Balm!
Its a pump bottle in beautiful pearly pink!

Dont know what a BB cream is?
Well basicly its a moisturizer with some coverage and colour.
Its mostly used in asia and made for asian skin.

Ive always envied asian skin, and maybe this is the secret?
This product offers you wrinkle care, whitening, uv protection SPF25 PA++

The wonderful thing with this product is that it covers and blends into your natural face colour!
Its only made in one shade and since its asian i guess its for fair to light brown.
I have dark circles around my eyes and some redness around my nose, which this cream covers up better than my usual foundation.

When I first used the cream I thought it was very oily and a bit uneven to my face-colour.
But as the minutes went by it adapted to my face!
The colour wrnt even and it soaked in.
It gives you smooth matte skin without making it dry or oily.

If you have alot to cover in your face, this is not the product for you.
It offers light to medium cover.

Wish I could buy the whole series :(



Its been a sloooow day.

[Rainy Rose]


Ive had a really nice sunday!
Woke up and just stayed in bed with my bf for some hours, then we took a walk in the nice weather.
After he left Hanna came and took me with her car to Värnamo.
We ate lunch at Lilla Krogen, a nice chinese restaurant.
We had a older couple right next to us, the old man didnt really seem to impressed with the food.
And for dessert he went and took sushi and whipped cream. YES!
Thats when we decided to leave..

Kevin, chillin in the sun

Me, in another pair of my favorite pants. I think I have about 5 different styles of Harem-pants.
Jeans, suit-style, work out, short, long, jumpsuit... u know.

Hanna heard that our favorite ice-cream "Päron-top" was back!!!!!!
After it got removed a couple a years ago we've been searching for something similar.
But its baaaack <3

I got a request about my bb-cream
I will updaye you all with more info about how well it works after ive tried a bit more.

[Oh Yeah]

Today me and my family went to a Judo competition since its my brothers hobby.
This was my look!

When we came home I made japanese curry! <3

Im gonna post an update about yesterdays party later :)
Please be patient!


Ive hade a super bday so far!
I got the necklace from my family this morning.
And the BB cream i bought for myself :)

I really love this BB cream, its light, blends into my skin and covers every flaw in my face.
Love love love!

Now Im gonna prepare som stuff for tomorrow :)

My 21st Bday

I just woke up from my family singing Happy Birthday and brining me a cupcake with blueberry! <3
I wish everyday was like this, haha.

Im off to work now, and I dont really have plans to celebrate more today.
Tomorrow my boyfriend will come, and we will meet up with some friends of mine and have a nice dinner.

Now Im gonna enjoy my cupcake~


I added a Puri app for my iphone x)
Not like the real thing, i really miss the greenscreen, eyeenlargement aso..
But just adding stickers is fun too!

This is messy and a bit to much, but I had to try it! :D


Im going to my hairdresser this afternoon.
I think my hair looks like shit, my roots are darker than the rest of my hair!
Im not sure if I wanna bleach it bore.. I want the haircolour I had last autumn.
More gold/brown/blone. With mayority GOLD.

Something like this
Donnoooo, I need adviste from my hairdresser, bigtime!


Its my birthday in two days
And Im not really happy about it.
I dont wanna get older.

I was applying for anothersecret the other day, and was about to write my age
"19" I started, then I realized I was 19 almost two years ago :(

[Cant stop me]

Do you see something new?
New header?!

Davy made this for me, and Im really happy about it.
My blog needed some freshing up!


Just read that vistlip will have a 12 paged article in the new ZY magazine,
I want it sooo bad T3T


Id like a brain check-up. Please :)

自分責めれば 気持ちは少しは楽になれる?
ほらねいつも 被害者のフリしてばかり

Fluffy Hair Tutorial

A quick one.

Im sorry for bad quality, no speaking, bad light.. w/e.


[Bokura no mirai]

I did a hair tutorial today.
Im not sure if im pleased with it.
Its really .. nothing special.
Maybe Ill upload it.

Right now im eating some candy (SUCH A SIN) and watching Bleach.
Im gonna clean my room after this episode.. maybe.. If i can!
It starting to get really exciting again!

Just lifted my coke-can and a pair of eyelashes followed.
-Thats how you know you're a true Gal, eyelashes everywhere...

vistlip new look

Just went into Tohyas blog for a daily check.
And almost got a heart attack!!!

vistlip has decided to show us their new look!

My darling Tohya has gray hair! LOVE IT, suits him damn good!

Tomo back in red/brownish~ Ive never seen a badboy fit so perfect in Pink and Purple.

Rui made me fall head to toes, this man is THE ikemen. He never dissapont me in style!

Umi is always uniqe and scary. But this time, its .. kinda hot? Dark and hot. Awesome Umi!
Sukisuki dayo~!

To be honest, Yuhs face is disturbing to me, Ive never liked it, but he pulled off this picture really nice!
Also his hair looks stunning! Yep, Im aproving this!

Now, all I have to wait for is the new single 「SINDRA」 which will be released 1st of June! <3


I did donate som cash for Japan.
And for that I got the sweetest book ever!
One of my favorite bloggirls - Maria, has been living with her husband in Japan for four years.
She started her blogg, did an awesome job, I love her way of writing!
She wrote the book
From Tokyo With Love - Mitt liv i technicolor!
Easy reading for someone who is curioius about the popculture in Japan.
I strongly recommend it ^3^

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