[Bad girl??????]

Worst case of plagiarizing EVER!
Its so obvious i can even sing along to B2ST's Bad girl!

[without you]

Im going to Gothenburg tomorrow~
I will try to update my blog.
Might be busy with telling my bf how awesome and hot he is
aaaand.. shopping?
aaaand movies?

lets see!


So a few days ago i shopped alot with my mother, and while waiting for my clothes to deliver i wanted to share with you what i ordered~!
This is an order from a chinese website called Wholesale-dress
They have SOOO much awesome clothes for inslanely CHEAP prices!
This is the site that let me buy all this for around $40~45.

Totoro panda??

Cute !

Pretty necklace

These awesome black leggings

PRETTY long dress, ive acutally seen this one on a swedish website for $40, but i bought it now for $8.65

Pretty nightgown and rob!

Sneakers, 5cm thick. AWESOMENESS

Black partydress


I ordered three more items, but seems like it went out of stock :(
But i got a credit there, so i guess i have to do some more shopping xD

Im gonna see if Madeleine wants to order something, and maybe Kevin..
Split shippment charge <3

Well anyway, im SOLD at this site and never wanna shop somewhere else again!
They have slow cheap shipping, and fast not-so-expensive shipping!
You can choose yourself!

We took fast shipping and I expect my clothes to be here soon! <3


took some pictures today, havent been camwhoring much lately :'(

srsly, this song is soo good! its sick!

Ouran highschool YUSUKE!

Favorite anime turned into drama.
Starring my loverboi Yusuke Yamamoto as Tamaki!

Screamed out loud when he showed up in his first scene, and died when he took of his shirt in the Handsome men cant be hurt by water-scene.



Im starstruck~

About the festival, i talked to my friend Sandra last night and she is moving to Japan at the same time as i am!
And since we both love v-kei and jrock we decided to go together! <3
I hope more awesome bands will play, this is my dream coming true!
One of my biggest dreams is to se vistlip live, and since i didnt succeed last summer, i will this one!



Born, Daizy Stripper, D=OUT, LM.C, SUG, VISTLIP<3<3<3, ViViD!

Im gonna do my best to attend this!

(But why the hell is there a festival on a sunday?! Ohwell, school monday morning, i can take it! I HAVE TO GO)


Two months left until i can call this my home.


Time for a picturespam update?

I stole some pictures from Madeleine from last weekend, we went on a daytrip with our boyfriend
(i dunno why but kev and martin somehow turn 7years old when they hang out together, great fun for me and Madeleine thou!)

Me and the best girl in the whole wide world!

Its hard to look happy when your sittin on fucking stone/brick/cement shit in the heat for one hour.

Love icecream so much <3 MARRY ME

7 years old

SRSLY?! I dont even know if my bf is Indian or Chinese?!

As said, all these pictures belongs to Madeleine


This weekend i spend some time with my bf in gothenburg as always, lol.
Had a really really god time with him.

I had to do some camwhoring in a park,
right before this we took a walk, went into some stores, had "Fika" and ate sushi.
The sushi was cool beacuse it was the first time i had sushi in sweden at a place where the staff accutally was japanese and spoke japanese! shocking!
The asked my bf if he was japanese and he didnt understand shit, so i told them no, lol.

After that we chilled out at home = i slept and Kev was bored
then we went to a party with some friends!

it was a themed party where you could dress out to get a present at the entrancedoor.
"Dress like a schoolgirl or lolita to get an awesome present"
also the theme was lollipop and they said that they had bought looots of them.
Ofc i dressed out! i think its fun and i was gonna get a present.

So stupid decision!
First of all, noone i went with was in costume, just me.
Second, The awesome present was a cheap lollipop that glowed in the dark, AND IT WAS AN ALIEN ON IT, so fucking uncute and dissaponting!!!
Third, they had a small bowlthingy with lollipops, right next to the closet/entrance.
wo~ awesome party much :S
No, so i took of my costume (i had a long black top under, looks kinda lika a dress).

The only good thing was my company and the music!
I never thought i was gonna dance out to Beast! OMG <3
And 2PM, 2NE1, Bigbang.. it was awsome as always!
Found a girl there who was a kpop freak like me, no wait, maybe worse, but finally someone who knows about the important stuff in life <3

lol stupid costume

Im gonna end this entry with a pic of the cutest guy ever.

Hihi love u

[Midnight Circus]

Made new acrylic nails for the first time in several months!



Sorry once again dear dear readers!

Ive been very busy with work the last few days and ive had nooo energy to write at all!
Most people have their summer vacation now, but im gonna be working until i move to Japan, soo..
Im the only one at the office now, heheee~ I have pretty much work to do.

im gonna go to my bf this weekend, friday will be calm.. Maybe a movie night.
Saturday will be PAARTY night!
And my outfit for the party will be KOGAL!
Im not finnished with the outfit yet, but i tried a few things today.

The top is like.. SOOO short x)
I have to wear something over it, im gonna try a smaller cardigan thou :)

I bought a new camera!
Mostly for my trip to Japan, but also for selcawhoring!

Its really ugly (im gonna get it pimped later, i have the black version :S)
But it has so many cool features!
Many cool programs, its smart AND it HD and 3D in it!
Most of the programs work in both photo and video mode, supafly!

I love it so much <3


yao yao wzup?!

just wanted to let you know that im alive!

I wrote about my new hair? Extensions with microrings.
Its said to be one of the kindest ways for the hair, better than melting or using wax,
but hell no! first they pulled my poor scalp, and several of them fell off the first few days.
Everytime a piece of stickhair fell off, my own came with it :(
I felt with my fingers through my scalp and i would really feel how loose the extensions were.
So i got enough after one week and asked my bf to take the rest of them out.
AND a lot of my own hair came off when we did that.
so F*CK that shit!

So.. short hair again.. fml

[ill be back]

On my way to my bf again!

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