weekend in pictures


happy drunk nerd

johaaan <3


marie thinks we're kidding and having fun, see my smirk?

im taking her in the 2, dats why im so happy and she's so...




its always amazing to see voiceactors "live"!



Bleach bleach bleach <3



Its nice and warm, sun shining and i can wear shorts without freazing my ass off!

Clothes (top, shorts, shoes) all from wholesale-dress! <3

Kevins coming tonight and tomorrow we're gonna go to VMO for some nice shopping and partying~

Proud GF

I have to say it (thou im not really into the fighting-world, dont harm eachother :'<), my bf is pretty damn hot when he's fighting!
im so proud of my (his) abs! hohohoho

yummie <3

[Edo Funk]

Hi guys!

Today has been a busy day with work, gym and right now im cleaning out my closets, i went from using three to 1½ for clothes i dont wear right now/party and event-clothes and 1 for daily use.

On top of that i got a new package from China today!
Wholesale-dress again~! im really happy this time also, love the clothes!
I ordered a pair of shoes, a pink and blue baseball jacket, a panda shirt, vivienne westwood neclace and cute socks!
really shocking the delivery was faster than a week :O i expected them here on thursday!!
SRSLY GUYS check the site out! ------->>>>
They get new stuff everyday and they're not limited for girls, they have lots of hot clothes for guys, really stylish <3
The price is best thou. its fakkiiin priceless!!!!

Imma get back to my clothes now.... kill me.. please... i cant fit them all ;@@


i made this today, lazyass japanese food, but good!

also i dyed my hair, but as always the colour on the package is different from reality!
i think its waaay to dark, but the colour will fade in a few days... i hope...


Ive had a nice weekend at home, just resting, doing stuff i like to do.
I went shopping with my family, did some camwhoring, surfed the web, listened to music, watched anime.
And i made a new header for my blog.
I dont like it, but i dont have any ideas, i want something new..
Ill keep this until i find the energy to make a real one.

yesterdays outfit

and face!
korilakkuma wanted some attention aswell.

I didnt buy much thou, just some candles, two ps2 games and.. thats all!


Im having a jrock night all by myself!
listening to old songs which moved my heart.
mostly songs by gazette, girugamesh and deluhi

my absolute favorite gazette song of all times.
no song in the world makes me feel so hoplessly sad, alone and heartbroken.
its so strong and powerfull yet beautiful and tragic.
no subbed lyrics needed, really.
im listening with my new bassheadphones at max volyme,closing my eyes.

translated lyrics for people who dont feel the song
read here


new babies

i love chanel

[as cold as marbles]

im siiick :(
ive spent two days in my bed now with fever and a cold :'<
my whole face hurt, my neck hurt :O
im gonna go to work tomorrow cause im starting to get worried about the pile of work building up >_<
work life is not like school life!

its like 6 weeks left until i move to japan now.
im getting excited as hell!

one more cf, just cause im so nice ;)

anyone thirsty?
i know i am!

im such a ladypervert!

Its skin~

Whenever im down, or have a lot on my mind that's kind of annoying i relax my mind with small funny videos of the people i adore, like 2pm.
taecyon and nickhun always make me smile (plus they got mad hot bodies which i enjoy when i miss my bf's keke) lol.
so i accidently watched these cf's again and laughed so hard, i totally forgot about these!
Enjoy~ they are subbed!


[i remember]

I cant stop listening to thi song!
its been playing on my laptop, my iphone and in my head (lol) the last few days.
its amazing!

why isnt yoseobie in the video?

[I can only imagine]

Im spending the weekend at Marie's place :)

took the buss, hehehe.

I bought a new top :D isnt it cuuute? H&M!
Marie works there, so she just guided me around and told me what to buy, lol
I also bought the moost amazing bra ever!
seriously! It made my boobs go from a big B/small C into a freaking D-cup!

I also bought a leopard top, cause im a cougar and i have a boytoy bf.
Leopard is a must i the closet!

I made Maries nails! She wanted a bit shorter nails cause she works alot with her hands ^^

I dont have any nailextensions now, so i just painted my own in a nice glitter from OPI :)

Now we're going to the store, have to buy some stuff for our dinner tonight ^^


its time for the usual weekend picturespam!
im gonna start of with some egopix that my bf took for me, we were on our way to pick up Marie from the station :)

talk shit get hit! fear the panda!!!!!

Marie enjoying her korean dish ?? stop looking so pissed!

camwhoring after a night of drinking and dancing.. we look good?

ofc bf was there to look stupid with me <3

i wore my sexy yet beautiful black dress from wholesale-dress along with a bigass complicated cross neckles from the same store :)
Shoes are wildflower by kenza ( my alltime fav party heals, high as fuck but never hurts my feet!!)
Chanel bag, random rings and bracelets.


our guys!

funniest thing that night.
bitchy, halffat gayguy with glasses yelled off a woman trying to get money from us, after that he told us we were an odd looking group of people, told marie he would marry her for her boobs and told me i had some good things going on too.
He also said "hi G.I Joe" to one of the nightclub guards. LOL wtf?!

Also this random little man (not little people little, but he was short) came up to me in the line at mcdonalds (midnight foood <3) and started to talk spanish to me.
I was to tired to even .. start the conversation, mostly since i have no interest and just wanted him to fuck off (wish the gayguy was there :<) so i just said
"this is my bf" and pointed at kevin
the spanish speaking creep just looked at kevin and said
"ive been training thai martial arts" looking kinda badass, but tiny
kevin just answered
"oh really? im in training now :D where did you train?"
HAHAHAHAHA omg the pwn?!
he didnt scare kevin at all xD

lol, random funny weekend.
thanks guys! <3

New lenses!

I got my new lenses today!
Princess Mimi <3

i only have crappy phone pictures, but i have decided to take new pretty photos and make a review soon :)

sorry for crappy eye photo with only mascara and eyes red from workin infront of a computer all day long .. yeah.

[Fly so high]

I love that like.. 4 minutes are the only HOT korean girl group. i dont like Gna.. BUT I FREAKING LOVE BEAST DANCING TO FAR EAST MOVEMENT <3

And Fly so high is, cuuute

[chapter ask]


Off to my bf sooon~
excited about this weekend, we'll have so much fun! :D
If only the weather were a bit better ;/ ohwell..

[super nova]


Im so suuupa tired everyday!
Cant wait for the weekend <3
but will i get some rest? No x)
Going to my bf again!
Marie will come and visit on saturday and we're going partying :DDD

Last night my mother gave me a facial treatment with her new supaaascary machine!
It felt really nice and i got really relaxed.
It takes away dirt and nastyshit from under your skin and also reduces hard lines and wrikles.
Now i feel fresh~~!
She also used it on some nasty scars i have, i think they got a bit better, but i need more treatment :)

Today im gonna do new nails, i feel quite excited!
i have lots of inspiration and its been quite awhile since ive had that.

When i move to japan i swear to god, i wont do my own nails one single time ;@
even if i have to starve cause its expensive, i dont care ;@

Bohemian Dress

sorry for my face!

i looove this dress so much!
get it at THIS site for only US$ 8.65!


Hello peepz!

Soo the clothes arrived today!
Sadly im still working, but i went home during my lunch to check it out!

I looove them aaaall!
Some things are confusing thou, like i didnt get my panda tshirt, and i didnt get my leggings, but a got a bag, a mens Jacket and the cutest shorts ever!!!
So im a bit sad about the pandatshirt, the leggings is like.. whatever, the shorts are much more cuter.
And the Jacket? Hmmm.. what am i supposed to do with that?

Okay okay, so since a got a few more items than i ordered and some are missing im gonna go back home later to count everything to make sure i didnt pay to much or whatever.

Internet shopping is always a bit fishy, and its from China (lol dont judge me, no offence to china).

Please wait for my real review! :)

Trying on the shortws and the shoes

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