Okay, well see here's the thing

My bf is my bias too <3 real world bias! keke.

[Hands up]

Cant. stop. pushing. replay.

Warning, this entry will contain M A N.


Totally Taecyeon biased!!




midsummer and my new hair!

Sorry its been a while!

This weekend i went to gothenburg with my family and Marie!
We the same thing during midsummer last year and wanted to do the same again

Me and Marie before going out partying, we had an awesome night out <3

We stayed at Gothia Hotel and shared a nice double room :)

I have my news extensions! Im not really sure about them.. they're pretty but a bit annoying!
This is my first time using stick-hair with micro-rings, ive always used clip-ons.

Went to liseberg the day after, my bf and his friend came to join us and as you can see we had a really good time.

[one way]

meh, the annoying feeling when you're a little bit sad and frustrated, call your boyfriend and he cant hear a shit you're saying = ANNOYING x100 ;@

Ive started to make some changes on my hair
Im not done yet thou, i have to dye it one more time and then put in some new extensions!
I thought all the colouring would get done today, but i have some more to do ;/

So no new pictures yet, SORRY!


Had an awesome weekend with bf, Madeleine and Martin
Played games, talked, laughed, took silly photos.

lol martin xD

Today me and Bf will go to the cinema and watch Kung Fu Panda 2 together with my family,
Im super excited! <3

PSP Games

I got a request about PSP games.

Um well, haha i dont have many games really.

I play Final Fantasy Dissidia, like. ALOT!
Its fun, takes time, addictive and beautiful!

I also have Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, which i havent played alot cause it think its a bit slow compared to FF which i love, heeh.

Tekken! Tekken is always a nice game to play, some fighting and such ^^

I downloaded (i have a chipped psp) My little sister cant be this cute, which is a visual novel, but for some reason i cant install it on my psp :( it doesnt work FML!

I guess most games for psp is fightinggames ;/
I really wanna play more visual novel games, but its hard to find :S

I should download some more to play, but ive been to lazy!
Do you guys have any tips to share, and if so, where to download them?

[Before the dawn]

So once again i find myself up in the middle of the night listening to Areia remixes.

Ive been spending some time with Madde and Martin today,
Really nice as always, they taught me to play Uno lol!
I really suck at card games :(

Im tireeed now, gonna watch one or who episodes of Bleach then sleep :3

[Cleaning out my closet, yo yo]

Hehe, Eminen <3

Anyways i AM cleaning out my closet!
I admit having some problems with shopping, which result in three closets filled with clothes in a big fucking mess.
I admit finding clothes i forgot i bought, but its like bying them again - free! :D

Just a lil bit of the mess.

Imagine the flood of nostalgia when i dug this tshirt out!
My old dropdead tshirt! lol, i really loved this back in the days!

Me back in the days with shitloads of piercings, my little pony tshirt, favorite jeans and fucking ugly sneakers!
Lol my bleached hair with leopardprints in it!

Okay okay.
Nostalgia gone - back to the closets.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you sweeties for your uplifting comments in my past post!
I dont really know how to give you all good answers back, but um, yeah thanks!

I just have a little note for Miss Wave, SHOW URSELF MORE ;)
Youre cute!

so im still thinking about this style-stuff, and my bf gave me some good advices last night which i think i will follow.

But writing all that stuff made me feel better, cause today i even put on my lashes and my circlelenses!

Thinking about..

Im kinda sick and tired of the western gyaru thing now.
First i was glad that people was into the same kind of stuff as me, but there's to much hate and competiting, backstabbing, and talk behind backs.
This has really made me lost most of my inspiration for the gyarufashion.
And it sucks, cause now i feel like ive lost my style, i feel ugly and lost :S
Gyaru was more fun when it was free, i loved dressing like my idols and take cute pictures and above all FEEL pretty.
Now even after hours of effort behind hair and makeup im so fucking worried about the hate comments. The words like "you''re fat, not gal, ugly, who do you think u are, im so much better than you" and so on.
Even the galcir im in is like that in some ways.
And we cant even hang out because i live to far away from sthlm and 99% of all the meetups gets planned less than a week in advance.

Its so sad, really.

I know im not a pro gal, but pro gal only excists in the west :S
I wish we were more like the japanese gals.

Im seriously thinking about giving gyaru up.


Wow, this weekend <3

First as you know I went to my bf, and we've been celebrating our 6 months together!
I gave him a suprise, earpiercings! He's been nagging about it for months but because of his training he hasnt been able to do it. But a few weeks ago he hurt his back so he cant train very hard atm, perfect!

Sadly (?) he totally won the suprise your love-competition!
He gave me (us) a spa weekend!
Two nights at ST Jörgen Park Resort!
This was my first time at a spa and it was totally awesome.

I bought a new jewelery for my belly :D

Bf  by the outdoor pool

Amazing breakfast!

Drinks from the Bula bar

Me outside the spa hotel :)

My hottie eating cold ice-cream ;D

BBQ with bf and his friends.

Its been one of the best weekends in a long time, im so happy <3


I woke up next to my lovely boyfriend this morning and decided to look at youtube on my iphone.
I wrote "vistlip sindra" and was pretty sure that the pv wasnt uploaded yet.
Im so in love
Its so good! ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!


waiting for sindra.

Ive been waiting all day long for the pv to be released.
nothing, nothing, NOTHING ;(
They said that the SINDRA single would be out today, but the day is like already over in Japan :S
Wtf is that?!

Im listening to the preview over and over to keep patient, lol
not working!

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