[Koi no bakansu]

I thought the songname went well with this entry ;)
Koi no bakansu - love vacation

As you know, Kevin and I went on a weekendtrip to Copenhagen!
The weather was really nice all the time, we ate outside in the sun, took long walks, went shopping and really enjoyed our stay at our darn fine hotel!
Im gonna upload a few pictures we took~

I did some serious shopping, and really enjoyed my time with Kevin.
Since I dont have any vacation this summer, this was a kind of compensation..
So I alowed myself to go nuts at some expensive stores and I even bought a HUUUUUUGE
suitcase for my move to Japan.
Im really happy I got the chance to do this with my love.
Im so happy and thankful!

Postat av: MK*

Totally love the first outfit!

2011-05-05 @ 21:55:59
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