[I can only imagine]

Im spending the weekend at Marie's place :)

took the buss, hehehe.

I bought a new top :D isnt it cuuute? H&M!
Marie works there, so she just guided me around and told me what to buy, lol
I also bought the moost amazing bra ever!
seriously! It made my boobs go from a big B/small C into a freaking D-cup!

I also bought a leopard top, cause im a cougar and i have a boytoy bf.
Leopard is a must i the closet!

I made Maries nails! She wanted a bit shorter nails cause she works alot with her hands ^^

I dont have any nailextensions now, so i just painted my own in a nice glitter from OPI :)

Now we're going to the store, have to buy some stuff for our dinner tonight ^^


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