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Ive decided to blog!
Im sorry its been like.. more than a month, but i havent really felt like blogging at all.
Lots of stuff has ahappend ofc. But meeh.. 

Just wanted to show you something i bought yesterday :)

Its winter, cold and dry. Makes you skin very dry right?
We dont like that at all!
Its easy to fix you hands and the rest of your body with a fat lotion, but what about your lips?

Lipscruband balm! :)

But how does it work?? I dont get it :((

Use the scrub first, and scrub your lips ^^

Feels quite nice, but not so jummy to eat :(

After that, use the balm and your lips will be soft and pretty enough for a new years kiss, hihi!

Postat av: morsan

ahaaa, funkade det då? Blev läpparna mjuka o fina eller sönder skrubbade! Du e rolig du. Kram

2011-12-27 @ 11:57:17
Postat av: MariaMay

Awesooome! O Seems much nicer than using a toothbrush XD

2011-12-28 @ 18:30:57
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