THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you sweeties for your uplifting comments in my past post!
I dont really know how to give you all good answers back, but um, yeah thanks!

I just have a little note for Miss Wave, SHOW URSELF MORE ;)
Youre cute!

so im still thinking about this style-stuff, and my bf gave me some good advices last night which i think i will follow.

But writing all that stuff made me feel better, cause today i even put on my lashes and my circlelenses!

Postat av: Tilla

Hej Bexi, kan inte du skriva lite bra PSP spel plz ? :)

2011-06-11 @ 00:24:18
Postat av: miss wave♪

OMG you're too sweet wwwwww

I will try Bexi-love! ♥

2011-06-11 @ 18:27:48

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