Gyaru meetup @ Liseberg!

So saturday morning I woke up pretty early,
did my hair and makeup and went with Kevin to meet up Michelle!
We had dinner at Pizza hut, but we choosed to eat sallad xD

Hehe i made a quick purikura of me and Michelle x)

After that we met up with all the people outside Liseberg!
I think we were around 10 people or something, a nice bunch for the first time :)
We decided to eat ice-cream and introduce ourselves at Ben and Jerrys, hehe.

After that we took a walk around the theme park, talked and just enjoyed the time together!
A few went to some attractions and the rest of us relaxes in the park.

I forgot to take pictures, i got a few but..  I stole some from Jummi and Michelle and some are from me :)

After the meetup me, michelle, kevin and max went bowling!
It was really funny and a nice way to spend the night ^3^

I was happy cause I won the first game, hehehe~

Postat av: MK*

Wuaaaa totally over cute the last pic! ~~

2011-05-15 @ 21:21:38

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