Im alive!

Hey guys!
i am alive, lol!
Ive been soo busy ever since i came to japan and also the internet connection in my room is pretty bad, no it sucks!

The flight went well besides alot of turbulense :S i hate it.
I seriously thought i was gonna die and i think i prayed for several hours! lol im not even religious!!

when i arrived here Alex came to pick me up at the airport and took me to yokohama ^^
My apartment is pretty crappy, but im looking around for something else and might change if this doesnt get better.

I went to Osaka over the weekend to meet up with my good friend Yuto and his friends ^^
We had lots of parties and i went for some shopping.

Today i went to school to do a small test, just to see how much i can, lol i did so bad, but since i havent studied any japanese the teacher was still impressed!

Wanna see some pictures now huh?

lol my first meal in japan was ofc Curry.

imma use this taxi for school some day! xD

Isnt it pretty?

yeah this is my party boat..... not :(


Fantastic people from Osaka ^3^

Party nr2!

So i bought LOADS of makeup, hehe and ofc food from familymart.

I also bought the top and the necklace :DD

Ok thats all for now, cya~!

Postat av: Chiyo

Uppdatera mera ^__^

2011-10-05 @ 00:49:49
Postat av: Viktoria

Din hy är fantastisk! :O jealous

2011-10-12 @ 23:35:59

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