[Suicide Circus]

Whats up guys?
Been some time since i last wrote here, im sorry!
Nothing much happends really, i just go to school and study, in the afternoons i study, go to gym and sleep lol.

I got a new part time job! its only like.. once a month, lol but it pays really good, and i just want some extra cash, so..
Im teaching english for some guys at a company, so im hired by the company itself.
Its pretty fun!

This upcoming weekend i was planning to go to Tokyo and do some springshopping, but..
It started to snow today!
Maybe ill wait, i dont know..
I have to go and bleach my roots too, gonna go to my awesome hairdresser dude again :D

Im gonna work from 11:00-15:00 on saturday
and after that im gonna rush to Tokyo to see THE GAZETTE live with Sandra!
I really have to hurry cause they start to let people in at 16:00 lol

AAAAGAGDBKJABL i cant believe im gonna see them live!
At their 10 years Anniversary! MAD SICK BRO!


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