The GazettE & SCREW

Ohmy, had a totally J-rock weekend with Sandra!

at saturday i went to Gazettes 10th anniversary concert :D
We got a pretty nice spot in the middle of the crowd on Aois side.
The concert was AMAZING!
They played lots of old songs (i wish they played more new ones too :/) and they were sooo pretty!
i think all in all the live was about 3 hours? got dead tired and my whole body hurted sooo much!
After the concert we went out and got shitloads of flyers from smaller bands, met the singer from ROYZ again!
met him the first time i went to Japan and saw Acid black cherry live, that was a really nice surprise! :D
Roys are getting pretty big thou so i dont really understand why he stood out there with his flyers lol.
this is after the concert so i look.... like ive been to a concert! lol

at the end of gazettes live they fired off konfetti (?) it was really touching and super pretty!

Sandra told me that SCREW was gonna have a meet and greet event at Tower Records in Shinjuku on sunday.
We thought that we probably wouldnt be able to get tickets but decided to go anyway :)
So we got there, asked the staff and they said that all we had to do was to buy their new cd and so get a ticket for the event! SO WE DID!
Im never gonna spend almost 4000yen on a cd again, mad fucking expensive!
Buuut.. worth it!
Along with the ticket came a little paper that the band wanted us to write questions on..
I wrote "whats your favorite 'position' ;)" on mine lol. just for laughs, but i know that Byou is a dirty mofo so.. hehe
So we got inline and waited for the band to arrive aaand i started to film Byou :D
Sadly cameras were DAME DESU so angry staff lady almost attacked me and hit my camera :( SUPER MEAN!
it didnt say anywhere that you werent allowed to take pictures :(

so i didnt get footage of any of the other members :(

they started off by answaring questions :D
Byou picked my question but said "Muzukashi, Muzukashi! (difficult, difficult!)" LOL! xD
Someone needs an english teacher....
The guys were supercute! super genki and just so CUTE!
Rui was staring alot at me and Sandra, lol! it was nice to get some eyecontact with all of them from short disstance :)
when they were done answaring the questions they wanted to sign our CDs and shake hands :DDDD
So i first got to Jin who told me that he was expecting to see me at their next live (which is impossible cause its at my bday and sold out!!!)
After that it was Ruis turn, he sure talked alot! lol!
he asked if my japanese was okay and i said sure! we talked a little and he said that my japanese was good :D hehe
after Rui it was Manabu! so cuuute!
He asked where i was from and told me that my snake necklace from Style by Tyra was cool, haha.
Kazukis turn! MYGOD HE'S SO HOT!
I got super nervous and couldnt find his picture in the book, haha. he helped me cause my hands started to shake like crazy! he asked me if i was okay and all i could say was "im scared cause youre so hot!" hahahaha! LOL LAME! so he laughed and said i was cute (^o^) 
after my man i went to Byou (who just finnished talking to Sandra) and all he said was "SUEEDEN?!" superloud! hahaha. i didnt get a chance to really say anything xD he took my hand after finnishing signing and threw me away xD lol!
Kazuki and Byou signing for the last girls, Rui and Jin getting ready to leave ^^
I want Byous sweater! so cosy!

Kazukis sign... omg <3

I dont know what kind of handlotion/perfume the guys was wearing, but they all had the same and it smells SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! both me and Sandra stood sniffing our hands for superlong after the event, hahaha!


today i went to harajuku to get some springshopping done! :)
im really tired of all my black dark super cool, super awesome, lovely winter clothes...
anyway, im not done yet, i just wanted to .. start!

me, in the middle of shopping!
ofc i had a man to carry all my bags.

i just fell in love with this wonderful leopard top!
its seethrough, short at the front and longer at the back. SO PRETTY

Floral dress and a beige trench coat.

Oversized nitted top and chiffon skirt with white shorts under!
naked and dressed at the same time! :D

bought some pandastuff aswell.
And found a nice cosmeticstore filled with korean beautyproducts.
Since the staff and the owner were so nice i decided to buy some products, and i will go back for more as soon as i can!
I bought the Egg Pore series by Tony Moly and its FANTASTIC!
Its not just cute its really really good! ^^
The ladies gave me lots of free facemasks aswell and told me to come back every once in a while.
I wanna go back again tomorrow and spend more money xD

[Suicide Circus]

Whats up guys?
Been some time since i last wrote here, im sorry!
Nothing much happends really, i just go to school and study, in the afternoons i study, go to gym and sleep lol.

I got a new part time job! its only like.. once a month, lol but it pays really good, and i just want some extra cash, so..
Im teaching english for some guys at a company, so im hired by the company itself.
Its pretty fun!

This upcoming weekend i was planning to go to Tokyo and do some springshopping, but..
It started to snow today!
Maybe ill wait, i dont know..
I have to go and bleach my roots too, gonna go to my awesome hairdresser dude again :D

Im gonna work from 11:00-15:00 on saturday
and after that im gonna rush to Tokyo to see THE GAZETTE live with Sandra!
I really have to hurry cause they start to let people in at 16:00 lol

AAAAGAGDBKJABL i cant believe im gonna see them live!
At their 10 years Anniversary! MAD SICK BRO!


Still living the dream in Japan.
Working hard i school and doing fun stuff(and homework) everyday.
Im having a hard time with my japanese, but doing my best. its hard because my school has shortened my class from one year to half a year. very stressful :(

this is me the other day before going out for dinner with some friends to craig :)

And a few days ago i bought theeeee boots of my life. they're soo hot!
cant really walk in them right now cause yesterday i went climbing up a freaking mountain. haha

so my body is all broken and everything hurts :(
i need to rest a few days before doing much walking lol.


i was pretty sure that i blogged about the YG concert? No?
I think i did it from my phone, but it seems like the entrys are gone, wtf??

Im super confused :S 

Last weekend i went to the YG concert in Saitama Super Arena (same place as the Vrock fest) 
I saw Seven, 2NE1, Bigbang, Gummy and PSY live, it was suuuper cool!
They even hade some "old" YG guys there.

damn in sure i updated about this? had this photo in my bloggphoto map :S

This is how i looked :)
and this is me with all my YG stuff, hehe

yokohama ranger!

Met a ranger a few months ago, super fireman, super handsome!


During my winter break i went on a trip to Kyoto! :)
It vas a fantastic little trip and im so happy i went!
Kyoto is sooo beautiful and there's so many things to see there.
Also stayed at a really nice hotel. Felt like a princess :D
Bought two secondhand silk kimonos ^^
Hotel lobby
Hotel room
Hotel bar 
Pretty girls

view over Kyoto
So effing cold in japan right now.
Enjoying a cup of hot tea :)
Went to Nara too! :)
They have wild deer there, and you can buy special cookies to feed them with :)
But those spoilt bastards just kept biting me to get more :(
Biggest Buddah in Japan :)
My kimonos :) both of them are autumnthemed, so i cant really wear them..
But im a gajin right? just play stupid and get away with it. im not japanese anyway and therefore not worthy!
Silver temple
Silver temple, beautiful garden and Kyoto in the background
Beautiful golden temple
Cutest little sakura train :)

got looooots of more pictures, but to lazy to post them, lol sry

Christmas Newyears Birthday

Thiiiis will be a pretty photoheavy post.

Christmas in japan??
Hm well me, Alex and Craig decided to have our own christmasparty at Craigs place :)
My outfit, hehehe cute huh?
Our tree! we got lots of presents for just 3people, hehe.

Boys decorating our gingerbreadhouse :)

I made my first ham ever! ....and i burned it! :(

Buuuut did well with the other swedish food, hehehehe ;)
Boys enjoying the food :)

Santa time!

I am #foreverprincess
Tomohiro and Yuki came too, thats an

i got a panda tissuethingy! ;D

For new years we went to Joypolis in Tokyo, brought my camera, but forgot to take photos :(
Beautiful view:)

We went to have our new yeard dinner at our favorite restaurant!
The food, service and everything is amazing there, luv!
We were going to see the fireworks in Sakuragicho, but decided to stay at the restaurant.
To our surprise, the staff came out with expensive champange to all the guest and a band from Hawaii played some songs. It was so nice and even thou we werent with our families we were happy together and enjoyed the night!
Alex had his birthday too!
We were planning to just go to the bar and get shitwasted cause all the clubs were closed, but Tomo said that Atom was open in Shibuya, so we went there with some new friends! :D

Happy bday to Alex!

At the hub in Shibuya

Bruno is the only one who'll think my pose is funny :(
private jokes arent funny without you :(

[androids dream]

Ive decided to blog!
Im sorry its been like.. more than a month, but i havent really felt like blogging at all.
Lots of stuff has ahappend ofc. But meeh.. 

Just wanted to show you something i bought yesterday :)

Its winter, cold and dry. Makes you skin very dry right?
We dont like that at all!
Its easy to fix you hands and the rest of your body with a fat lotion, but what about your lips?

Lipscruband balm! :)

But how does it work?? I dont get it :((

Use the scrub first, and scrub your lips ^^

Feels quite nice, but not so jummy to eat :(

After that, use the balm and your lips will be soft and pretty enough for a new years kiss, hihi!

[july VIIth]

Studying hohoho

halloween 2011

picturespam from halloween :)
Day one we went from bar to bar in yokohama :)
i was dressed up as a maid, but decided to change to nami from one piece for the second day when we went to AGEHA ^^


Landmark Tower

Aaah, like a week ago (uuuh 2 weeks ago :$) i went to Sakuragicho with a girlfriend from my class ^^
We went to do some shopping and decided to look at the view from the Landmark Tower, currently the highest building in Japan!

Yokohama is sooo beautiful~<3

it takes less than 60sek to get to the top floor! superscary!

Catch :)


Meeting people :)

Im a lazy blogger, but the internetconnection here is pissing me off!
Just writing an entry takes forever :'(

I met Kiyo and Shohei in Shinjuku!
We had a really good time together, eating dinner, drinking and talking ^^

we took some purikura together, hehe and Kiyo gave me Panda tea as a welcome to japan present! <3

I also met up with Hopy and Fredrik in Tokyo :D

and took a photo with these 2 cute girls at a purikura-place ^^


So i went with Sandra and Alex to Saitama super arena two days ago to attend the v-rock festival!

This will be a superfangirly post, so if u dont like that, dont read.

I woke up superearly in the morning to get ready ( i wanted to be pretty for vistlip ne~ hehe)
Then me and Alex took the train all the way to Saitama, took us like 1h20min or something.

face and hair.

I had my PS I LOVE YOU - panda tshirt (just cause. well.. you know my fav dude in vistlip loves pandas, just like me!)
Cardigan-thingy from visalia, lace shorts from china, stockings with hearts from random sockstore, furrhat from random store.

We met up with Sandra and went to the arena~

We stood in line for maybe one hour? it went really fast!!
got in, checked the stages, went to see seremedy live and then decided to eat something.
Sandra and I was just looking at the foodsigns when we saw 3 guys with masks and sunglasses walk right pass us ( like srsly halv a meter away!) when we saw their hairstyles we knew - IT WAS SCREW! right next to us, eating freaking kebab!? SO UNREAAAAL! we didnt want to disturb them so we just fangirled in silence and watched them walk away.

after we ate we did some shopping, i bought vistlip sindra single (cause i wanted them to sign it) and their new towelmerch - beautiful chainsaw.

We also got interviewed for a TVshow!!! :O i think its FUJI, but not sure yet. Im waiting for Vrockfest to update with info ^^
I sure hope vistlip watches that cause i totally expressed my love for them like a true creepy fangirl!

after that we went to one of the bigger stages and saw Gackt, that was siiiiiiick! :O
He's so hot, its mad.

On the other side Girugamesh started to play~

Satoshi is so hot, i didnt know what to do lol, just died. xD

Next up was Hero at one of the smaller stages. Good thing about Japan is that noone is pushing against eachother during lives, so it was super easy for us to go to the very front of the stage xD
Hero was cool, but sooo embarassing cause the singer made the audience to all kinds of wierd shit, we even went down on our knees and like, bowed to them xD and turned around the other way and did it again. wow!
Totally S&M moment.

sadist. -.-

Born came on after that and they were amaaazing! awesome to stand in the first row and get eyecontact with the members and rock out to their show.

theen came 少女-ロリヰタ-23区
which ive never even heard of, their music was kinda good, and the singer was super handsome, keke.

da-da-da-daaaam~ SCREW!
They were so hot, only played really good songs, made eyecontact and rocked out like crazy!

sexy sexy man, how was the kebab? ;)

when did he get so buffed? i like it thou *O*

we took a break after this, toilet, drinking n stuff ;) then rushed away to watch D=OUT!
Kouki was so cute, he sang the song a bit wrong and got sooo shy about it, lol cutness overload.

it was so hot in there thou, no fresh air at all. made us wonder how the hell d=out was able to play in their outfits :|

after that.. VISTLIP !
They played many older songs like Dead Cherry, Princess dizzy, fivebarkinganimals, hameln aaaaaand my favorite; LION HEART! ;O
Best live all day according to me ofc (a) hahaha, i was soo happy! vistlip looked so happy! it was puure love ;)

Happy girl, after vistlips show, body in pain, sweaty but SO HAPPY.
I was superexcited cause i thought i was gonna meet them now, but turns out...
You had to buy a special ticket to get signs, aaand they sold out.
The information about the tickets were nowhere. NO INFO WTF.
So i just stood next to the small fence they put up and watched those lucky fuckers meeting vistlip. shaking hands, talking to them and get signs :'< FUCK LIIIIFE
But Rui and Tomo waved to me and Tohya tried to cheer me up with funny faces ( yeah i cried of dissapointment ;/ ) then he waved to me again later on. Think he liked my panda tshirt! :(

I stood here, right next to Rui ( who is totally rocking his new bleached hair. Totally ikemen, no matter what. )
Then i had to move cause the stupid guard wouldnt let us stand there, WTF, de didnt bother anyone. didnt say anything to the band or whatver, so that was stupid. went to the other side to stand next by Tohya whiiiich was better ofc ^^

After this we ate again, aaand watched SUG.
Took a small break from all the noise and went back later to watch MUCC close the festival.
That gig was reaaaally nice, and everyone was in such good mood ^^

Im really happy with the festival and i would do it again ANYDAY.
Love love love!

Wasnt allowed to take photos inside and there was guards everywhere, so in respect of the bands and my own protection (didnt want to get kicked out :S) i didnt take any photos.
I took all these photos from THIS site.

[Oh yeah]


Been lazy with updating ;/
Still lots of stuff to do at school, im pretty busy ;/

In my sparetime i try to do fun things, meeting up with my new friends, go shopping, see stuff, party :)
Party here is pretty wild, lol i dont know how im gonna make it through the night honestly! haha.
Yokohama is sooo pretty, a big city, but pretty calm, not stressfull at all :)

Alex, Craig and me keke.

Went to Yokohama to do some shopping (but didnt find anything :<) with these guys and randomly got asked to be cooking in a tvshow! lol but since i cant cook chinese food we had to stop the filming :< i might appear on tv anyways if they decide to use my footage to make fun of the stupid gaijin i am ^^ hehe

We went clubbing later that night which was pretty cool!
and todaaay im going to Tokyo to meet up with Kiyo and Shohei :D
Ill try to take pictures to show you ;)



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